Private Pages

This is a membership site for hurting Christians who are REJECTED BY OTHER CHRISTIANS because you choose holiness — loyalty to Jesus Christ in his love for God and people.

Some messages are restricted to those who have password access. This is a prophet, evangelist ministry that trains how to live “holiness” in the Lord Jesus Christ — just as Jesus lived holiness in God the Father when he was here in his body.

Our bodies were created to be “vessels” for God to pour out the miracle power of his Holy Spirit — just as He did through Jesus, the Christ! The miracle power of his Holy Spirit only flows freely through a vessel that is holy for the Lord.

HOLINESS is GOD’S LOVE. Our hearts were created to fellowship with God in his love and that is why stepping out of his love (holiness) BREAKS FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD and persons who are in fellowship with God!

Enjoy each post as you seek to purify and develop yourself in the Lord!